Frequently Asked Questions at the time of Submission of ad interim Permissions

The “Draft Punjab Guidelines for Groundwater Extraction and Conservation, 2020” and ad Interim Permission form can be downloaded from the website:, or

Yes, A hard copy of the application form along with the necessary attached documents, with all pages signed and stamped must be submitted in the office by Hand delivery/Registered/Speed Post or courier in addition to the email.

Yes, in addition to hard copy it has to be submitted on the Email ID:-

Any kind of correspondence in relation to the ad interim permission application may be sent to

No, Application should be in typed format only.

The details of Fee/Charges to be paid are as below:

  • Application Fee as per Para 4.1, Table 6, Page no 21, Sr no. 1 of table in the draft guidelines.
  • Tubewell Registration Fee as per Para 4.1, Table 6, Page no 21, Sr 11 of table.
  • Advance Deposit (as a Security Deposit) Equivalent to 2 months of charges on the extraction amount applied for. For details of charges refer Para 3.2, Table 1, Page No 14 of draft Guidelines.
  • A Covid rebate of 20% upto 31 May, 2021 has to be applied on the total sum of Application Fee, Tubewell Registration Fee and Advance Deposit Amount.

          (Note: The Fee is for a single Tubewell only, for multiple Tubewells it has to be multiplied by the number of Tubewells.)

For example a unit who has applied for permission to extract 250 KLD per day from Orange zone will have to pay advance deposit as below:-

Calculation of daily extraction charges is as under:

  1. Charges for first 10 KLD of water extracted: 10 KLD x Rs 8 = Rs 80
  2. Charges for next 90 KLD of water extracted: 90 KLD x Rs 18 = Rs 1620
  3. Charges for balance 150 KLD of water extracted: 150 KLD x Rs 22 = Rs 3300

Hence, total charges the Unit has to pay per day for 250 KLD/day in Orange Zone extraction will be (i + ii + iii) = Rs 5,000/-* per day.

Therefore, bill of two months will be Rs. 5,000 x 60 = Rs.3,00,000 /-* GST will be added at the applicable rate.

As per section B, Sr. no.-1 of the ad interim permission form, following details of applicant are required:-

  • Name should be of Applicant (authorised signatory empowered to apply for permission) and not of Unit or consultant.
  • Address and Communication details should be of the Unit which has authorised the applicant to apply for permission.
  • Letter of Authorisation/Resolution in the name of applicant must be attached in which applicant is authorized to sign all the documents related to the permission from PWRDA.

As per Section B, Sr. no.-4 of the ad interim permission form, following details of the owner are required:-

  • Name of Owner/Proprietor/Partnership/Private Ltd/LLP/LTD/Others. This shall be different except in case the owner is the applicant.
  • Designation/post of Owner is must.

The name of Block/Assessments unit along with its classification is available at page no 35, Annexure -2, Table-14 of Draft Guidelines and the same information must be recorded in point no. B, Sr. no.-6, of ad interim permission form. This may or may not be the same as the name of the development blocks.

Yes. A copy of the PAN and GST of the Unit is necessary for processing of application.

  1. If the unit is not claiming any conservation credits for Rainwater Harvesting then it need not submit the approved building plan but must submit the self-certified Layout Plan on A2 size sheet showing the location of the Borewells.
  2. If the unit is seeking credits for rain water harvesting then it must submit the approved building plan, if available. But if the unit does not have approved building plans then it must submit a building plan certified by an architect and layout plan showing the location of the Borewells on A2 size sheets.

The only mode of Payment permissible is through Net Banking or NEFT/RTGS only. Account details for online transfer of Registration fee/Tubewell Registration and Advance Charges to HDFC Bank Account 50100071567691 of the Authority, IFSC Code: HDFC0001209 through Net Banking or NEFT/RTGS only. After making the due Payments (including application fee, advance charges and tube-well registration) the system generated fee Receipt must be attached along with application.

Yes. All the annexures must be properly flagged and numbered. The complete application shall be submitted in a file folder. No loose application will be accepted. No field in the application form shall be left empty, any field which is not relevant shall be marked as Not Applicable.

As the decision regarding GST rates applicable is yet to be finalized therefore, a GST undertaking as per sample uploaded under the heading Ad Interim on the website is to be submitted along with the application form.

Details of application fee, tubewell fee and advance deposit are to be submitted in the Proforma “Challan of Payment” available on the website under the heading Ad Interim. The requisite proforma is to be filled submitted in duplicate copy along with the application.